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Full range of cargo transportation services

Finding a carrier is relatively simple if your product is standard, medium-sized and easy to transport. The search for a contractor for all goods that are "outside the bounds" is a more complicated task, sometimes almost unreal. The forwarder database allows him to quickly pick up a suitable carrier for your request and submit the transport at the right time.




Road transport is our main specialization. We carry out delivery by own transport in any international directions.


Rail transportation 

The organization of rail transportation to different corners not only of our country, but also to the countries of the CIS, Baltic and Eastern Europe. Import, export, transit of goods.


Sea container transportation of cargo from China, USA, countries of Europe to Ukraine.




 Transportation of Cultural Property

Cultural Values - property values of a secular or religious nature that have historical, artistic, scientific or other cultural significance and other categories subjects.



Multimodal transportation of cargoes

Transportation of goods is carried out by different types of transport (by rail, sea and road, etc.).



Cargo air service​​​​​​​

We organize transportation of cargo of our clients to any point of the world, both on regular flights of various airlines, performing flights to Ukraine, and on charter flights. We deliver the goods as quickly as possible within the agreed time.