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      Today, trucking is gaining its popularity quite rapidly, and the demand for it steadily grows. It's not surprising, as motor transport allows you to deliver goods from one point on the map to another one quickly. Moreover, there will not be any problem to pick up an exact vehicle which will be suitable for transportation of a particular cargo. Modern trucks have a wide range of features and specializations that makes possible to deliver cargo of almost any weight, type or volume safely.

     Another key feature of road transport is its versatility. Universality is in the fact that this type of transport allows transportation of any kind of goods: gaseous, loose, solid and liquid. For transportation of all these types of goods, various specialized types of trailers are used, as well as powerful and reliable trucks.

     When transporting goods that have a short shelf life (for example, food), trucking is beyond competition, because they allow to deliver cargo much faster than it could be done with the help of rail or water transport. Goods, due to their large dimensions transporting by rail or water, in the same time are delivered by road to the place of loading.  Delivery by road is perfect for sensitive cargo as well as dangerous goods.

   Oversized cargo

       Not every transport company engaged in transportation takes a task on, but we can cope with it! 

      Types of cargo, the parameters of which exceed the maximum allowable belong to oversized.  The legislation of Ukraine contains the following kinds of such subjects:

1. lengthy - their length can reach 23 m;

2. Heavyweight - weight up to 50 tons;

3. large-sized - width up to 6.5 m.

Such items can be transported by road.

     The feature of the oversized cargo is that it cannot be transported by ordinary trucks. For this purpose, special equipment, official permits and keeping traffic conditions are required. The cargo itself is beyond the possible norms, that is why, strict requirements for its transportation also are used. The possibility of machinery and communication routes can pose extra limits. The road surface can have a restriction on tonnage, the height of the bridges will not allow to carry something high, and railroad cars have a strict limitation in width.

     The network of auto roads between the settlements of the country allows to organize complicated routes, which is impossible for any other type of cargo transportation. Motor transport can come in many cities and towns where intermediate loading / unloading can be carried out, which allows to satisfy requests of a large number of clients simultaneously.

      We have a unique experience of cargo transportation, and therefore we can easily guarantee that your cargo will arrive at the destination in its original form and exactly when you need it. Our employees of the trucking department will provide you with the most detailed information on any question about our service that interests you. The cargo will be delivered with the help of the most reliable and modern vehicles, and you will avoid all possible pitfalls.

   Small-sized cargo transportation 

     LCL (Less-than-Container-Load) – is the possibility of transporting consolidated cargoes with a volume of 1 cubic meter. (or from 1 ton).

You pay the cost of transporting only your place in the container, based on the volume (or weight) of your cargo.

Advantages of using this service:

1.    Possibility of dispatch from 1 m3 or from 1 t;

2.    Minimization of transport costs;

3.    Order the required batch (and not the whole container);

4.    Reduction of the amount of "frozen" funds;

5.    Expanding the range of products.