We connect the West and the East.

     Maritime transport is environmentally friendly and safe for the environment, in addition, diesel fuel emissions are far from settlements.

     Our company, engaged in professional maritime transport, has extensive experience and will reliably transport goods by sea, taking into account the nature and characteristics of the cargo. To do this, dry containers of increased volume are used, which are installed not only on the decks, but also in the hold, where the cargo will be more protected during the cold season. Cars, special, cargo and construction equipment are located on the deck. For customers, services by sea transport in "prefabricated" luggage containers weighing from 1 kg. are available

     For the purposes of sea transportation, a number of specialized containers belonging to sea lines are used:

 By size:

 20 feet;


  45 feet.


 Dry Van;

 High Cube;

 Open Top;



 Flat Rack and others.

    The company carries out import and export container transportations on maritime vessels of the lines ZIM, MSC, Maersk, Arkas, CMA-CGM, Admiral, Cosco, SAEGO, OOCL, Evergreen, Hapag-Lloyd and Yang-Ming in all directions, the main of which are: delivery Cargo from Asia (China, South Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Japan, Israel, Turkey), the Americas (USA, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Chile), Europe (Italy, Spain, Greece, Netherlands).

    The following freight payment conditions apply in international shipping:

Pre-paid - the freight is paid by the sender. With regard to the terms of delivery CFR, CIF, CIP, CPT, DAT, DAP, DDP.

Collect - the freight is paid by the recipient. Applicable to the conditions of FOB, FAS, FCA, EXW.

     The sea rate may or may not include the cost of terminal processing, based on the quotation conditions:

* FIFO (from Free In / Free Out) - the freight rate that does not include the cost of loading on the vessel or the cost of unloading from the ship (terminal processing at the ports of loading / unloading). This is the net cost of sea transportation;

 *FILO (from Free In / Liner Out) - the freight rate includes the cost of unloading from the vessel (terminal processing at the port of discharge). FILO = FIFO + DTHC;

 *LIFO (from Liner In / Free Out) - the freight rate includes the cost of loading onto the ship (terminal processing at the loading port). FILO = FIFO + OTHC;

 *LILO (from Liner In / Liner Out) - the freight rate includes the cost and loading on the vessel and unloading from the ship (terminal processing at the ports of loading / unloading). FILO = FIFO + OTHC + DTHC.

    Our experienced specialists take the whole complex of processes and necessary measures in the implementation of sea transportation:

1. The supply of an empty container to the supplier under the filling of the cargo;

2. Execution of all necessary export documents for the goods in the country of the sender;

3. Automobile or railway transportation of the container from the point of loading of the cargo or the departure station to the port of loading;

4. Registration of all necessary documents for transportation;

5. Loading of containers to the ship at the port of departure;

6. Organization of the sea transportation from the port of loading to the port of unloading by the most suitable sea line, proceeding from the requirements of the customer for economy, the period of transit time, the unloading terminal and the conditions of the line for the period of free demurrage;

7. Daily monitoring of cargo on the whole route and providing the client with complete and reliable information in real time;

8. Organization of terminal handling of containers at the port of destination and forwarding services;

9. Receiving in the line of documents for cargo for customs clearance purposes (feeder c / s, DO / DU).