Rail transportation 



Rail freight is the most common, despite the fact that there are other types of transportation: automobile, marine and aviation. This is due to many advantages, including high reliability, safety, convenience, unlimited goods volume, economy and speed of freight transportation by rail. Regularity of these transportations does not depend on climatic and bad weather conditions, therefore nothing will prevent to deliver a cargo in time. In addition, rail freight services are universal, as they make it possible to carry out transportation of any kinds of cargo. Transportation is carried out in wagons, cisterns or containers, and for transportation of products requiring certain temperatures, use thermos cars and refrigerated wagons.

     However, rail freight is used actively to transport such types of cargo as materials and raw materials of petrochemical, agricultural, mining and metallurgical industries.

Transportation in covered wagons

It is a type of a freight car, closed on all sides. Designed to ensure the safety of the cargo carried in negative weather conditions, protection from theft and mechanical damage.

Transportation in gondola cars

An open rail freight car, without a roof, with high sides, is designed to transport bulk cargo (ore, coal, fluxes, timber, etc.), containers, other cargoes that do not require protection from atmospheric precipitation.

Transportation on platforms

A freight wagon of an open type, is used for the transportation of long, piece cargo, containers and equipment that do not require protection from atmospheric influences.

Transportation in hoppers

Self-unloading bunker freight car is for transportation of bulk cargo: coal, ore, cement, grain, peat, ballast. The body has the shape of a funnel, in the lower part of which are hatches, when they open, the cargo pours through them under its own weight, which facilitates rapid unloading.

     Our company has been providing transportation and forwarding services for a long time and delivering cargo to various corners not only of our country, but also to the CIS countries, Europe and Asia. We carry out transportation, both small-sized small goods, and large wholesale. The experience gained over the years, the professionalism of our employees, the ability to navigate in unforeseen situations quickly, established business contacts allow us to provide our customers with quality and efficient services.

      We take into account all the wishes of the partners and guarantee the safety of the cargo at all stages of transportation in accordance with the agreed delivery times. The wagons are sealed directly by our employee after loading the goods and checked at all transshipment points along the route of the cargo. Transportation of rail freight takes place taking into account all the rules and requirements using modern technologies.