Multimodal transportation of cargoes

     Also known as "mixed" transportation - a convenient way to deliver products or raw materials on a "door to door" basis from other cities, countries and continents.

     The organization of such transportation begins with an integrated route planning - a carefully planned traffic schedule to avoid the slightest downtime. Several types of vehicles are used for cargo transportation - transshipment is carried out at special reloading terminals. The schemes for combining transport can be different: airplane-car, sea-transport-car, car-car, etc. One of the most popular scenarios is the delivery of cargo from the port or railway station to the destination point by car. In this case, the customer cooperates with several transport companies.

 Intermodal transportation.

     Also, several modes of transport are used, which are subject to centralized management. Unlike multimodal transport, intermodal transport involves only one transport document and a single tariff rate. Only one company is responsible for the goods.

 Unimodal transportation.

    The easiest way to transport. It assumes cooperation with one transport company and usage of one type of transport. Most often this type of transportation is carried out by road or rail. Unimodal transportations are often carried out according to the "door to door" scheme.