Cargo air service

     One of the priority types of our activity is cargo avia transportation. We do not stand still, but constantly improve, developing favorable conditions for organizing business cooperation. Customers can order air transportation of goods from one city to another without any slightest difficulty.
     This way of goods transportation is reliable and offers a fast delivery. Despite the fact that aviation transport considered as an expensive type of cargo transportation for a long time, in recent years it has become much more accessible without losing its advantages.
     You can easily find out that by contacting our company, which will provide you with a full range of services at highly competitive prices. We offer customers the organization of freight traffic through airports in cities such as Kyiv and Odessa, Lviv and Dnepropetrovsk. In addition, we also provide the ground delivery of cargo, organized under customs control. It should be noted that cargo air services ordered in our company can be accompanied by an additional list of services, ranging from special packing of goods at the point of dispatch to customs clearance at the final point.
     The air waybill control system allows you to track the location of your cargo timely and efficiently. We suggest you to use the free service in the "Useful" tab on our website.
     Also, it should be said about the current/operating program of combined transport. The point of mixed transportation consists of combining the marine and aviation components of cargo carriage. Due to such combination, a significantly low freight cost can be achieved.

    During the work on the market of avia cargo services, our company has earned the customers and major transport companies trust and respect.