Rail Freight Platforms


   The cargo railway platform differs in design features. For transportation of containers, equipment, equipment platforms are used without boards, equipped with special locks, fasteners for secure attachment of oversized cargo. For transportation of timber, long cargoes, railway platforms equipped with end walls and special additional posts are used to prevent even minimal displacement of cargo. Platforms for the transportation of cars in their design have a specially fixed frame, such cargo platforms are equipped with a guide device and metal flooring, on the ends are mounted folding platforms-frames. Special stops provide reliable fastening of automotive equipment.

    The company provides comprehensive logistics services aimed at ensuring safe, timely and inexpensive delivery of goods. To order the transportation of railway platforms, you simply need to contact the managers of our company using the contact details provided on the website. Highly qualified specialists will advise you in detail on all issues and transportation nuances of this type of freight transport, take the order, work out an optimally profitable and safe route, take care of the necessary accompanying documents and fully control the delivery of the cargo in complete safety to the destination point. You can do more important things without the slightest experience.