Railway cargo transportation by gondola cars

     Owning our own fleet of railway cars of various types, we offer the most appropriate type of gondola cars for each specific case:
- open wagons with a carrying capacity of up to 65, 95 and 125 tons.
- with various body structures
- with unloading hatches, with inclined, straight blank walls, with hatches on both sides, without unloading hatches.

     Our company has a wide geography of activity - railway transportation by gondola cars in Russia at the most reasonable, reasonable prices. Independently regulating transport resources, having a staff of first-class logistics specialists, a legal department, our company provides the best conditions for your business:
- A significant simplification of the carriage of goods to any point in the country - we transport cargo of any type, size, in any volume in open wagons, for example, loading into a gondola car up to 68 tons is 120 cubic meters of your cargo.
- Implementation of loading and unloading with the involvement of modern machinery, fastening / unfastening of goods.
- Urgent dispatch of railway gondola cars on the day of loading.