Platform wagons
The platform is an open type freight car intended for the transportation of long, piece cargo, containers and equipment that do not require protection from atmospheric influences.

Rail hoppers

Bunker-type wagon - a covered wagon for the carriage of goods (bulk: flour, grain, cement, quicklime, crushed stone, non-corrosive petroleum products: viscous petroleum bitumen and petroleum coke), equipped with a bunker - with cargo capacity and a bunker device that allows loading and unloading cargo without orientation - "in bulk".

Tank wagons

The tank wagon is a kind of rolling stock of railways. Tanks are designed for transportation of liquids: oil and products of its processing, chemically active and aggressive liquid substances (acids, alkalis and other complex substances), liquefied gas (propane-butane, oxygen), water, milk (molokovoz), molasses. Tank wagons are also used for the transportation of flour (mukovoz) and cement.

Covered wagons

The covered car is a type of freight car, closed on all sides. Designed to ensure the safety of the cargo carried in adverse weather conditions, protection from theft and mechanical damage.

Gondola cars

A gondola truck is a railway open car without a roof car with high sides, intended for transportation of bulk cargoes (ore, coal, fluxes, timber, etc.), containers, other cargoes that do not require protection from atmospheric precipitation.

Refrigerated wagons

Refrigerated wagon is a universal covered wagon for the carriage of perishable goods, long-term storage of which is possible only at low temperatures (often at below 0 ° C). To comply with the conditions under which the cargo is not exposed to physicochemical and biogenic factors, it is provided with a refrigerating subsystem.

Trolley wagons

 Trolley wagons is a freight car for transportation and automated unloading of overburden, coal-ore cargo, soil, sand, gravel and other similar cargoes.

The conveyor is a special freight car intended for transportation of large and heavy cargoes (high power transformers, parts of hydraulic turbines, stators and rotors of generators, columns, frames), which in their dimensions and (or) mass can not be transported in other cars.

Other wagons

​​​​​​​Types of wagons that did not fall into the main categories.